The process is really simple!
  • Create Registry Items - My Wedding Registry is the perfect way to present your wedding registry ideas and gifts to your family and friends in a fun, simple, elegant and personal way. It takes only a few minutes to register and is free to set up - this means you can log on, create a registry and see if it works for you before you commit to sending out your invitations.
  • Add Items - You can choose to add gifts and items from any store… from homewares to honeymoon ideas. Be as creative as you want. You can keep track of your entire registry by simply logging on to your own easy-to-use couples section.
  • Invite Guests - Once you have created your registry, invite your guests to contribute. is accessible from anywhere in the world, it is secure and hassle free. Your guests will love it, because let´s face it - shopping for wedding gifts in stores can be hard work!
  • Receive Gifts - Next step is to sit back and relax. Let your registry take care of itself. If you´d like, you can keep track of every purchase made. This means you are able to know which guests to thank for what. If Aunty Jean was overly generous, you can send her an extra special thank-you!
There are no hidden fees or tricky catches. What you see is what you get…a great site, happy guests and most importantly, a stress-free and happy you!

What does it cost?
There are no hidden fees with My Wedding Registry. It´s free to set up, edit, ?view and use your registry.

There is a simple 7% handling fee charged on contributions to your?registry. This fee is deducted when the funds are transferred to?your bank account.

Guests will be charged a small credit card processing fee to cover the?costs associated with their purchase.