Do we have to book and pay for all the extracurricular activities that you list in the wedding registry before we leave?

You do not need to organise or pay for the activities such as snorkeling, suba diving, massages, evening cocktails etc before you leave. These are all activities that you can arrange when you arrive at a time that suits you. It simply gives guests an indication of what they are paying for and what you would like to do on your honeymoon.

Can we upgrade or change our holiday plans if we find that we need to add more items to the honeymoon?

It is no problem to upgrade your room, or even your flights. However, once departure draws near it is best to check with us in regards to the amendment details of the places you have chosen to stay, as it will vary between place to place. It is also important to keep in mind that availability may be a problem if you are traveling during a busy time.

Do we have to use your travel agency to arrange our honeymoon?

No. You can use another travel agent to arrange your holiday, and we can then manage your honeymoon registry on-line.


Will this cost me anything?

No. Our service is essentially free for the bride and groom. Each guest will be charged a small 7% transaction fee on any purchases that have not been booked through My Wedding Registry. This fee is automatically added to any items you upload onto your registry and your guests pay this fee e.g. if you add a $100 massage, this item will appear on your registry as $107. Any travel services booked through us will not attract the handling fee. The only other cost involved could be a small $100 administration fee which is only payable if your registry collects less than $4000. Most registries, however, collect in excess of this amount and therefore this fee is generally not payable.

What happens if we don’t get enough money to pay for everything on the registry?

A lot of the experiences, indulgences, meals and other components of the honeymoon are not booked and paid for prior to your arrival for just this reason. We aim to get the most important (and expensive) parts of the honeymoon paid for and then if you don’t have the money for everything, you can allocate the funds to where you see fit. However, we always try and create a honeymoon that reflects the budget and the number of guests you have to avoid this situation.

 When do I need to pay?

Ultimately you will need to be able to pay for the flights, accommodation and any other major necessities prior to your departure. This generally varies between 45 to 60 days before your departure date. Try to keep this in mind when you are deciding on your budget for your honeymoon. Your consultant will advise you of the terms for payment when booking your honeymoon.

When do we receive the money from the registry?

We generally suggest couples nominate two dates for the money collected to be transferred into their account, the first being the day prior to the wedding and the second the following week. We offer two transactions free of charge. However, any additional transfers will incur a $15.00 fee.

Do we need to pay for and do all the items listed on the registry?

No. While we do include all the activities and extras, this is really based on what you think you might do on your honeymoon. In reality, however, you might not feel like going scuba diving on day 3 of your honeymoon but rather sit on the beach and relax. This is absolutely fine! The itinerary is based on the ‘best case scenario’ i.e. what you think you might like to do on your honeymoon may be very different to what you would like to do once you are actually at your destination. That is why we will collect the cash in a lump sum payment to pass onto you. This allows you much more flexibility to spend the money collected as you would like.

You may end up doing everything you have included on the registry... and more! However, it may be in a completely different order. We don´t want you to think you are locked into your itinerary. Basically, we can book the accommodation, flights and transfers, and everything else can be arranged when you arrive at your destination to suit your pace and needs.


How do we let our guests know what we are doing for our registry?

As part of our service we provide you with notification cards to send to your guests with your wedding invitations. When you log into the couples page, simply click into the ‘invitation inserts’ link situated on the left hand side of the page. The inserts can be printed out either 4 or 8 to an A4 page and can be printed on your choice of paper that matches your wedding stationery and theme.

Will you give us a list of the people who contributed to our honeymoon?

Similar to the invitation inserts, www.myweddingregistry.com.au also allows you to print out your own thank-you cards. When you log into the couples page, simply click into the ‘thank you cards’ link situated on the left hand side of the page. An itemized list will then appear and all you simply do is click into each guest’s name. You can select to either send your thank you message by email or save it as a PDF to print and mail in the post.


I’m hooked! What do I do from here?

If you are ready to create a registry, you will need to click on the couples page and click the continue button. This will take you to the registration form. Once you have filled out this form, one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your honeymoon options and answer any questions you may have on how My Wedding Registry works. Alternatively, if you require some more information you can call the office and speak to one of our consultants prior to registering.