The 24hr a day on-line system is convenient for everyone. Couples and guests can access the honeymoon registry list on-line anywhere in the world. If guests would prefer to access the wedding list by another means, that is not a problem. We can discuss it in person, over the phone, or we can email or fax a copy to them – whatever is easiest!

For any interstate or overseas guests, it allows them to purchase an item from anywhere in the world and not have to worry about posting or carrying a present on the plane. We also have a currency converter to assist them with their purchase.

The benefit of having a ‘real time’ wedding list is that it allows you to view what portions of your honeymoon have been paid for and, if need be, to add more items as the weeks go by.

Weddings are such a busy time and with so many choices, why not combine 2 of the biggest choices into one - your honeymoon and your gift registry service?